What Minneapolis Hardwood Flooring is Best for Pets


One of the most common misconceptions of numerous homeowners in Minneapolis regarding hardwood flooring is that it is not suitable for pets. In reality, you can take advantage of having a hardwood floor without jeopardizing your relationship with your beloved pets. Your pets do not have to be a reason to avoid getting hardwood flooring for your home.

First, you need to be aware that all hardwood floors will eventually dent and scratch over time. What you need to make sure of is the minimal visibility of the scratches and the durability of the wood surface. Nevertheless, hardwood floors are still suitable for homes with pets because they do not harbor pet hair and allergens. Because of wood’s natural insulating property, pets, particularly dogs, often enjoy lying down on wood than on carpets.

Two of the most durable types of hardwood floors are oak and maple. They can resist extreme beating so scratches from the nails of your beloved canines will not cause extreme damage to your hardwood floors. To make your hardwood flooring more durable and resistant to pets’ scratches, finishing also plays a crucial role. Applying an oil-based urethane finish in a satin sheen is advisable. The finish should be applied in three coats to make it more resistant to scratches. Regular cleaning should also be implemented for the maintenance of the finish.

Making sure that your hardwood floor and your pets go well together also requires certain actions you need to apply with your pet. Crate training will help minimize the risk and damage that your pets can bring to your hardwood floors. Feed your pets in areas that can be easily cleaned such as bathrooms. If you really need to feed your pets in hardwood floors, cover the feeding area with a rubber mat and a throw rug that will catch the spills and food drops. Regularly clip and trim your pets’ nails too.