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Different Types of Wood Surfaces for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Minneapolis

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If you choose to get hardwood floor refinishing in Minneapolis, you should be familiar with the different types of wood surfaces. The type of wood surface you choose determines the color, texture, strength and beauty of your hardwood floor. In addition, different types of wood surface also have varying grain structures and figures. The cost of your hardwood floor also depends on the type of wood you choose. The more exotic wood species are often very costly.

The fine-grained, reddish brown mahogany is one of the most durable hardwood types. It also features strong resistance to warping, shrinking and swelling. Aside from hardwood floors, mahogany is also commonly-used in cabinets, boat construction, veneers and wood facings. If you want a wood type that is easy to work with, ash would be a good choice. Nevertheless, this excellent substitute for white oak may be very difficult to find.

You may also choose to get the yellow or the white birch wood. Birch can be easily found in home centers and lumberyards. This type of wood is easy to work with but can be blotchy. Cherry is one of the most popular wood surfaces. Considered as an all-around wood, cherry has also been noted for its beautiful aging. However, the popularity of cherry wood also indicates higher costs. Maple wood has also made its mark with its fine and straight grain and greater stability. Lumberyards would be a better source for maple wood.

Because of its hardness and affordability, oak has also become one of the most recommended wood types for furniture. If you want a stable, inexpensive wood type, you should check out poplar. However, poplar does not have the visual or aesthetic appeal that would be great for furniture-making. For outdoor flooring and furnishings, teak would be a suitable wood type because of its resistance to different weather conditions. Despite the high cost, walnut would be ideal for accents and inlays to dress up a project.