Granite Countertops: 6 Reasons to Have Them

The colors of granite are as varied as the abundance of uses, which may range from the simple bathroom countertop made to elaborately edged countertops in an elegantly decorated upscale office.

But, what is it about granite countertops that make them so desirable? After all, granite has been used as home d├ęcor since the Roman empire, and is still a favorite today. Not so sure about granite? Then consider these reasons that so many people choose to have them in their home.


Each slab of granite slabs is unique. Each is different from the last, so even slabs cut from the same stone will have some variation, which is part of what makes them so beautiful.

Thousands of colors

There are more than 3,000 colors of granite to choose from, so you are sure to find a look that is perfect for your needs.

Easy to maintain

Granite countertops are easily maintained, so long as you have them properly sealed. The initial sealing should be done by a professional, but many homeowners choose to do subsequent sealing on their own. After sealing, granite countertops are resistant to scratches, stains and chips.

Easy to clean

Granite countertops are very easy to clean, making them perfect for home where there is a great deal of cooking and food prep. However, do keep in mind that granite should not be used as a replacement for a cutting board as the granite will damage your knife blades! All that is necessary when cleaning granite is a mild detergent, some warm water and a soft cloth.

Long lifespan

Average countertops, not made from granite have a shorter lifespan (10-12 years max) than granite which, with proper maintenance, can last a very, very long time.

Easy way to elegance

Granite countertops are an easy way to add an elegant look to an otherwise basic room. When you choose to have granite used in a room, you are not only adding monetary value, but aesthetic value as the movement and reflection of light playing on the granite bring life to a room feature that, if not made from granite, would lost in the design of a room.