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How Minnesota Granite Countertops are Made

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If you think the term ‘hard as a rock’ is close to impossible, you should look into granite countertops in Minnesota or in any other place. Because of their durability and heat resistance, it is no longer a surprise that homeowners and property developers prefer granite countertops. Thus, granite countertops are considered superior to their marble, synthetic and laminate counterparts. You will definitely appreciate their less susceptibility to scratches and chips because that means less maintenance requirements on your end. In addition, granite countertops showcase superior aesthetic quality because of their luminous, dimensional quality.


Granite countertops undergo several rigorous processes before you can use them in your kitchen. Indeed, these processes help shape your countertops into the reliable home furnishing they should be. Even the transport and loading of unprocessed granite rocks involve meticulous details. First, the granite rocks should be packed in tight before they are loaded into the trucks. Individual packing is also necessary to make sure that the rocks will not rub against each other. Once the truck arrives at the delivery site, the stones are unloaded unto cranes gently.


The second part of the process is the cutting of the stones. Computer-aided stone cutting saws are usually utilized to achieve the required precision. Stones will then be cut into slabs around one to two inches think. The edges of the stone will then be run with pressurized water to achieve refinement. The pressurized water will also help remove the coarseness in the rim of the slabs. Once you have the desired shape of the granite, the slab will then be subjected to finishing. Different grades of sandpaper will be used to sand the piece with several buffers. You may also use a machine to make the sanding task easier. After the piece has been sanded, specific customization details may be applied.