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How Often Should You Have Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Minneapolis?

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One of the most common questions for homeowners who choose hardwood floor refinishing in Minneapolis and other places is the appropriate frequency. Indeed, a lot of homeowners have been thinking about how often they should refinish their hardwood floors. If you ask other people for their opinions, you may end up with varying suggestions because this question is predominantly based on personal or individual preferences. There is usually no specific timetable for undertaking most refinishing projects. The appearance of the floor is the most important factor to be taken into consideration. Thus, your personal taste matters a lot.

The natural changes that go with the aging of hardwood floor may appeal to some homeowners, thus, they delay or postpone getting a refinishing for their flooring. The imperfections and the natural wear and tear of the wood may create a type of patina and character. If you prefer the organic and rustic look for your hardwood floor, you may opt to have the refinishing later. More frequent refinishing would be suitable for homeowners who want to see a high, glossy sheen in their hardwood flooring.

Nevertheless, most flooring experts recommend refinishing every five to seven years. The better you care for and maintain your hardwood floor, the less frequent refinishing should be. Consequently, hardwood floors that are poorly maintained will require more frequent refinishing to maintain a pleasing appearance. If you want to minimize the need for refinishing of your hardwood floor, make sure you protect your floors from direct sunlight. High traffic areas can also cause an uneven look in your floor. The areas of the floor exposed to high foot traffic may end up looking worn while the other areas may still appear in good shape. When the hardwood floor becomes too worn out, refinishing should be done right away. Once you see cracks in the floor that may be harmful to people, you should not waste time. It is an obvious sign that indicates the urgent need for refinishing.