Granite – What We Offer

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Bathroom Vanities

Granite Bathroom Vanities Twin Cities

Natural stone vanities transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary, and provide your home with long-lasting value.


Tile Backsplashes

Twin Cities Tile Backsplashes

Bring character and beauty into your kitchen with a custom tile backsplash. Our backsplashes come in a variety of dynamic color schemes and patterns, and provide a practical way to protect your walls from heat and damage from cooking.


Granite Countertops

Twin Cities Granite Counters

Investing in slab granite countertops immediately and permanently enhances the value of your home in a beautiful and luxurious way. Granite is nature’s superior alternative to man made material due to its hardness (nearly as hard as diamond), resistance to wear, capability to take a mirror finish. You’ll also find a wide array of breathtaking granite colors  and textural patterns, and extreme resistance to heat and stains. Its elegance is only matched by its durability.


Custom Projects: Tables, Mantles & Fireplaces

Custom Natural Stone Tables, Fireplaces & Mantles Twin Cities MN

We handcraft each of our tables, mantles and fireplaces. Our individual techniques ensure your piece is a high quality, one of a kind accent in your home.




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