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Granite Countertops: 6 Reasons to Have Them

The colors of granite are as varied as the abundance of uses, which may range from the simple bathroom countertop made to elaborately edged countertops in an elegantly decorated upscale office. But, what is it about granite countertops that make them so desirable? After all, granite has been used as home d├ęcor since the Roman empire, and is still a favorite today. Not so sure about granite? Then consider these reasons that so many people choose to have them in their home. Uniqueness Each slab of granite slabs is unique. Each is different from the last, so even slabs cut from the same stone...

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Considering Granite Countertops? Questions to Contemplate

One of the biggest trends today in the world of kitchen design is the use of granite countertops. After all, they can be bought in nearly every color, have a variety of edges to choose from so they will and they add value to your home. But, does this mean that they are the best choice for you? Before making a final decision, take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions. How do you use your kitchen? If you spend a lot of time entertaining but not necessarily cooking, then you may wish to choose granite tiles or modular granite. However, if you love to cook and thus spend a fair amount...

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